Web Deploy - Publish Website (MSDeploy) Not publishing the website

I have been trying to publish my web app using Web Deploy - Publish Website (MSDeploy), but it always throws this error,
I dont know hpow to resolve this, can anyone help me ,

Raw console of Task Log :

10:48:01 Verbose | Importing Azure Service Management PowerShell module
10:48:06 Verbose | Loading the management certificate
10:48:07 Verbose | Invoking target script C:\Octopus\Work\20160318051756-33\Script.ps1
10:48:07 Info | GAC Version Location
10:48:07 Info | — ------- --------
10:48:07 Info | True v2.0.50727 C:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Microsoft.Web.Deployment…
10:48:07 Info | Finding path to package step: deploy in Dev
10:48:07 Info | Package was installed to: C:\Octopus\Work\20160318051737-32
10:48:08 Info | Skipping delete actions on App_Data
10:48:08 Info | Publishing Website
10:48:08 Verbose | Exception calling “CreateObject” with “2” argument(s): “Could not find file
10:48:08 Verbose | ‘C:\Octopus\Work\20160318051737-32’.”
10:48:08 Verbose | At C:\Octopus\Work\20160318051756-33\Script.ps1:119 char:1
10:48:08 Verbose | + $deploymentObject =
10:48:08 Verbose | [Microsoft.Web.Deployment.DeploymentManager]::CreateObject(" …
10:48:08 Verbose | + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
10:48:08 Verbose | ~~~
10:48:08 Verbose | + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: [], ParentContainsErrorRecordE
10:48:08 Verbose | xception
10:48:08 Verbose | + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentDetailedClientServerException
10:48:08 Error | The remote script failed with exit code 1

I have also attached the ServerTask file too…


servertasks-437_ltkx8698d8.txt (1 KB)

Hi Sathya,

It looks like it’s not finding the right install location for your package step as it is finding the folder of the Tentacle work folder. Could you please send through screenshots of what your deployment process looks like and also what your web deploy step looks like. This should help us figure out why you are seeing this error.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your reply, it really helped me solve the problem. Anyway sorry for my late acknowledgment. The step name of the package retrieval was mistyped, thats why i couldn’t get my work going.

Thank you so much,