Web application deployment bug

The dlls are kept in the lib folder and not put in the bin folder when deployed

The machine we deployed to is configured as a web machine in the octopus environment.

Hi Paul,

The /lib and /content folders recommended by the NuGet package team are for libraries (e.g., EntityFramework, Autofac), not for applications. Octopus doesn’t make any assumptions that items in the /lib folder should be copied to /bin.

For a web site, I’d suggest doing a “publish”, and then packaging the output of the publish into your NuGet package as-is, with the DLL’s already in the /bin folder - don’t re-arrange anything. Octopus will then extract it to the file system as-is.

I’ll try to improve the documentation around this to make it clearer.


Hi Paul, we put everything in the content folder and it worked!

Thanks for the help!

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