We would like an empty role case to fail a deploy

Hi Support,
Maybe we are way off in left field on this but with the new changes for dynamic deployments we are running in to a small issue. People are changing the name of there project and our script is setup to use the project name when creating the worker HOWEVER because we can’t use var’s in the step setup this is leading to no worker assigned to the role and thus nothing gets done on deploy BUT the step doesnt fail, it shows up green and we just get this text:
Skipping this step as no machines were found in the role:

We would like to have this fail if there is nothing in the role as whats the point of a deploy that cant do any work. (maybe checkbox under settings to ‘opt in’ to having it fail to support current workflows for other groups?). The text you have is clear but at the end of the day if a step isnt red then everyone just assumes all went to plan and never clicks in to look. This should largely go away if you support var’s for role names which is another request i know we have in.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch.

If I’m understanding correctly, the crux of the issue is that you cannot use variables to select worker pools?

We have some work in progress that will allow steps to use variables to select worker pools. Estimated shipping by the end of next month. Would that solve the issue you are seeing?


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