Ways to automate build/deploy process without Bitbucket Pipelines

Hi, I am currently studying and doing PoC on how to implement CI/CD process among a small group of developers as currently, I feel the task is too manual. We are using Bitbucket Git on-premise as our source control and it doesn’t have that Bitbucket Pipelines feature.

Any idea on how to link Bitbucket on-premise to Octopus server for the auto-build portion?

Thank you.


Thanks for your question!

How is your code currently built? Are you already using a continuous integration tool?

Also, are they are requirements that the tools you use are on-premise? This has an impact on how you would configure the end-to-end pipeline.

Please take a look at our guides, they may help. Otherwise, please get back in touch with any questions you have at all!


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