Having potential troubles getting the watchdog service running on our instance as described here:

The following is the output from the logs:
2020-10-21 15:16:31.6197 8440 1 INFO Creating watchdog task
2020-10-21 15:16:31.6599 8440 1 INFO Setting watchdog task interval to 10 minutes
2020-10-21 15:16:31.6599 8440 1 INFO ==== WatchdogCommand ====
2020-10-21 15:16:31.6599 8440 1 INFO CommandLine: C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Octopus\Octopus.Server.exe watchdog --create --instances Trial --interval 10
2020-10-21 15:16:31.6599 8440 1 INFO ApplicationName: OctopusServer
2020-10-21 15:16:31.6599 8440 1 INFO Instances: Trial
2020-10-21 15:16:38.5515 8440 1 INFO Creating scheduled task Octopus Watchdog OctopusServer

If I look in Octopus Manager my instance is called OctopusDeploy: Trial.

Now I understand this runs as some for of scheduled task.

Are we meant to be able to see this anywhere? Computer Management > System Tools > Task Scheduler for example.



Hey John,

Thanks for reaching out. Do you by chance still have the exact command you ran to get that output?

There is a task in Task Scheduler. It’s right at the root, shown here in my screenshot:

Did it show up on your end?

If you run the command octopus.server.exe list-instances what is the output?

Please let me know.


Hi Jeremy,

Ahh… thar she blows so to speak, couldn’t see the wood through the trees.

On our dev implementation of Octopus we ended up with two instances Default and Trial. Looks like I’m all sorted as can see the checkservices command in my logs, plus it did its job and started the Octopus Server service after I stopped it.

Thanks for the pointers.


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Hey John,

You’re very welcome!

Thanks for letting me know you got it all worked out.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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