Warning: there are no enabled machines in the roles specified by this step, in this environment

I’m getting the same symptoms as this issue https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/338 where my project and environment both belong to the same machine role yet I get this warning and am unable to deploy.

Hi James, thanks for getting in touch.

Can you please include snippets from the deployment page, the Environments screen and step configuration?


Me too. Any solutions?


Thanks for getting in touch! Like Nick originally asked James, I am going to need extra information such as screenshots of your environments screen, step configurations and a deployment log.
Also as it could be an index issue, I would suggest repairing the RavenDB through the Octopus Server manager.
We would also need to know what version of Octopus and Tentacle you are using

Thanks in advance!

Should I open a separate thread?


Where you provide the details is your choice, if you feel they need to be under a private thread then maybe make your own and not block this one, otherwise feel free to mask any sensitive data.