View variables without deployment

I created a new octopus project and would like to see the evaluated variable output when i deploy to production without actually deploying. I want to be sure its going to be a smooth and perfect deployment as far as variable evaluation goes. Does octopus allow this?

Hi Lochness,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This isn’t currently something Octopus can do automatically. It is a good suggestion though, and there’s a UserVoice suggestion that you can vote and comment on if you’d like to see it in the product.

In the meantime (if you’re really keen), you could use the API to examine the Variables used for a project:

  1. Use the Projects endpoint to get the VariableSetId and IncludedLibraryVariableSetIds
  2. Use the VariableSets endpoint to get the current variable values for that project
  3. Use the LibraryVariableSets endpoint to get the ID of the any library variable set, then the VariableSets endpoint again to find the current values

Hope that helps!