View teams that a user is a member of

I wanted to see if there is an easy way through the UI to view all of the teams and User is a member of. Currently, I can go through each team to view its members, but it would be convenient to select a User and in the user’s profile view all of the teams they are a member of. In addition, it might make sense to be able to add and remove team membership from this screen.


Thanks for reaching out! You can check this be Testing the users permissions

Hope that helps!

Thanks Dalmiro, that helps! I was looking for something under Users, but it appears you already have it here under Teams. Just a quick thought is that adding a link to this screen from the User profile, might be useful with it pre-filtered for that user, but not sure how many people are actually using this feature.

Thanks again,


Hi Brian,

Glad to hear that helped! I shared your feedback with the team behind the UI revamp that we’ll be doing in 4.0. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts :slight_smile: