What is the recommended way to version the builds/releases.

The default option from octopus looks like it will be massively out of sync with my Github versioning…

I have a nuspec file and that version is getting ignores, also the assembly info is getting ignored too.


Hi Haroon,

You can choose to version your release from an included NuGet package, you can change this on the Project settings tab.

E.g. if you have a package named Foo. and your project is setup to use the version from an included NuGet package, the release will be named, instead of the default versioning option.

Then when you push Foo. and create a new release, the new release will be named

Hope that helps!

Thank you and warm regards,
Henrik Andersson


Thanks for your reply.

Been having a bit of trouble with the nuspec file that does the version.

How can I name the file Foo., how does the package get

Inside my nuspec file I have the
I have a foo.web.csproj.nuspec file, in it:

foo.web 1.0.99 Haroon Haroon false Help Site Whatever Copyright 2014

However the version is always ignored from my fake script which generates
the file…

Target “Release” (fun _ ->
let release = { releaseOptions with Project = “site” }
let deploy = { deployOptions with DeployTo = “Live” }
let server = { Server = “”; ApiKey = “APIKeyHere”

Octo (fun octoParams ->
    { octoParams with
        ToolPath = "./tools/octopustools"
        Server   = server
        Command  = CreateRelease (release, Some deploy) }


What could I be doing wrong?

Hi Haroon,

Could you please send through your FAKE script so that I can take a look and see what might be going wrong in the creation of the NUPKG?

If there are sensitive information in the script, please feel free to mark this conversation private.

Thank you and warm regards,
Henrik Andersson



Managed to get this working now, I realised the nuget file is always

Thanks for all your help.

Took me quite a few days, but I am getting happier and happier with the
results now, time well spent.


How Can I use the version from the included nuget package?