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We have several projects(micro services) per environment(dev, qa, etc…) and at any given time there are several different version numbers of the projects deployed to a environment. These version number are constantly changing as fixes are being deployed. QA is asking if there is way to version a environment at any given time, take a snapshot of the environment at that time,accounting for all the diff versions numbers, so they can tag their QA automation testing with how the environment looked at the time testing was ran. Is this possible in Octopus 3.3.11 ?

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Thank you for your question!

There isn’t any built-in way of doing this via the Octopus UI, but you can use our REST API or C# client to retrieve the same data Octopus uses to show the dashboard. For example, with the C# client:

var qaDeployments = repository.Dashboards.GetDashboard()
    .Items.Where(resource => resource.EnvironmentId == "[QA Environment ID]");

will give you a list of the current deployments to any project filtered to the environment with the ID you specify. Our documentation on Octopus.Client will help you get started if you haven’t used it before.

I hope that information is helpful! Please let me know if I can assist you further.


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