Version upgrade - Database permssion error

We have head into a database permission issue during the Upgrade process from 3.17.2 to 2018.10.7 LTS. Error attached.

Could someone please analyse the logs and let us know to sort out this issue.

oct-error.txt (25.9 KB)

Hi @vinujayakumar,

I saw that you filed a ticket on this one as well, that I just replied to, but I’ll post up the solution here so that future upgraders can find the solution quickly and easily.

This is cause from the configured SQL user not having permissions to modify the database schema, which is one of the migration scripts here. Adjusting the user permissions on the Octopus database to include the ability to modify the schema will resolve this.

Happy Deployments!

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Thanks for the support. Upgrade was done successfully. J

I’m getting the below warning message while redeploying the package from octopus deploy. This package was deployed before upgrade without such warnings. Kindly let me know what should I do to sort out the warning.

how can I redeploy the latest release which was deployed before upgrade? Is there a way to not create a new release to do that?

Something has changed since this snapshot was taken.

**Deployment Process modified ([audit trail] : For consistency, this deployment will use a snapshot of the variables and deployment process that was taken when the release was created, which does not include the latest changes that have been made to the project. A changed process can only be incorporated by creating a new release (this one may be renamed if desired).

Hi Justin/Octopus Team, There has been a continuation in the discussion over email. We have follow up quires. Would someone be able to take a look and respond to that.

Hi Justin - Not sure which time zone your work in, but looks like Australia hours based on the earlier responses, but i and my team work in UK Hours. So wanted to check if you have colleagues working in UK/Europe hours who could help me while you are out - so that we could make more progress with overlapping working hours. With heading in to couple of issues, i have blocked out my Octopus to my developers for 4 days now and any help to close this quickly will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help/support so far.

Hi @vinujayakumar

Currently we just have support based in the US and Australia, but we do have plans for UK-based support in the near future. I’ve responded to your email ticket, and will close this off for now!