Version Rules in Channels - adding NuGet steps

If you have already created a version rule on a channel on a project and you then add a step with is an additional package, the UI does not allow you to select it. You must first delete one step to get the UI to allow you to re-add it and the new step(s).

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am having a bit of trouble replicating this. Could you tell me how many package steps you have in the one project?
Are both steps using the same packages or different ones?
Could you send me a screenshot of both your process and the channel in question.



I was able to reproduce it very simply. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure all of your NuGet steps are applied in the version rule.
  2. Delete a NuGet package step.
  3. Add a NuGet package step (but choose a different package from the one in #2).
  4. Go back to the version rule.

You will not have the button to add a new step. I think that the code logic must just count the number of NuGet steps in the process and if the number equals what it used to, the button does not render. But in the case the number is equal but the packages are actually different.


Hi Michael,

I still can’t replicate this! Could you select a time from our scheduler so we can screenshare to see this:


Hi Michael,

I am very sorry to do this, but I have come down with a bug and am unable to do the screensharing session with you tonight. As it is scheduled at 9pm on a Friday I am also unable to get someone else to take it at such late notice.

If you could please use the same link and schedule another. Again I am very sorry.