Version Number


Is there an easy way to find the version number for an environment in each project?


Thanks for reaching out! The easiest way would be using the Octopus API. If you GET /api/dashboard you will get the same JSON blob we use to build the Octopus dashboard, which will contain the current version for each environment in each project.

If you are planning on consuming this from Powershell, you could use Octoposh which allows you to get this info by running:

$Environment = "Production"

$Dashboard = Get-OctopusDashboard

$Dashboard | ?{$_.EnvironmentName -eq $environment}

Let me know if that suits what you were looking for.


Thanks that works for some environments but not all. Any reasons why?


I just tested Get-OctopusDashboard -EnvironmentName Production (not sure why I gave you that long snippet in my previous reply?!) using Octoposh 0.6.9 and it worked.

Can you share me the exact snippet you are using, along with a screenshot of your dashboard that proves that you have dashboard data for that environment (that the cmdlet is not returning)?


thank you I’ve got this working