Variables without editing the page asks for saving or discard


when i open variables and navigate to other pages without editing variables it asks to save or discard the changes.


Hi Manojreddy,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you please let me know what version of Octopus you are using? We did know of this issue and have fixed it, but I would like to confirm it was after the version you are running.


we have 3.10.0

Hi Manojreddy,

My understanding is the issue should be fixed by this release. However the following might be happening.
Sometimes we need to correct data and data structures. We attempt to do this via upgrade scripts but we will catch anything remaining via the UI.
When you load your variables it is possible the UI has corrected some data structures. If this is the case if you hit save, navigate away from the page, navigate back then the save message should go away.

If that does not resolve the issue for you are you able to provide screenshots of the pages that this occurs for you as we have a few places you can edit variables.