Variables not rendering correctly


We experience this issue on just about every page load for variables, where the variable name, value and scope are abbreviated with … during page load, and the only way to get the rendering to finish is to change the browser tab in some way, switch to another tab and back, or changing the size of the window

The variables.png is from Google Chrome, and Capture.png is from Firefox


We are on 3.2.10

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting in touch! The dreaded words that we are unable to replicate this with any consistency (some of us not at all, one of us once and never again). So we are wondering about a few things that could cause this (not just browser) but also environmental or data driven.

A few questions:

  1. Does it happen on ALL projects variable screens?
  2. Does it happen with maybe a test project that has very few variables?
  3. How many variables do you have on average of the most effected projects?
  4. Do any of them have a large amount of data in them (such as a certificate or large string value)?

Let me know what you find!

It happens on every project.

Here is a project with 1 variable (the variable set has 2)


I can tell you it does not appear to be a data load issue, the first screenshot is a project, the second screenshot shows the data loaded, but the UI is not refreshed


We have on average 10 variables (with a max of 3 scopes, so up to 18 total)

Our “large” values are 66 characters.

This really appears to be a UI issue. I would be happy to do a screenshare with one of you so you can use batarang on my machine to further troubleshoot.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your patience I am glad Rob was able to replicate the issue and hopefully the next release will resolve this for you.
Please let us know if that is not the case.