Variables not getting replaced properly

hi Team,
an facing issue in octopus deploy where a variable containing the value of url is not getting replaced properly after deployment, the same variable used prior in other config files are working perfectly fine, Can you please guide me what i may be missing as now its only giving the server name the prefix and suffix are missing.

Hi @paggarwal5154,

Thanks for reaching out.

Could I please get a bit more information so I can dig in and try to figure out what’s going on?

The info I need:

  • Your Octopus Version

  • A screenshot of the variable in question with scoping

  • A screenshot of how you have your step setup for variable substitution (and the other, working, step as well if it is set up differently)

  • A sample of each config file, one that works and one that doesn’t. (if you can send the actual files it will facilitate troubleshooting the issue so I have an apples to apples test)

You can DM this information to me for security/privacy reasons if you prefer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


hey Jeremy
Octopus version is 3.17.14
variable getting used is

being used in xml replacing correctly is
not replacing correctly at


Thank you for all of the information.

Are the two steps that are doing the substitutions on these config variables set up in any different way or are they identical?

Are these steps+configs in the same project or different? If they are different, are the variables in your working project the exact same?

If the above is identical, something that jumps out at me is the variable you are replacing in policyServerUrl is named policyServer, which is also the name of the key in your config that’s not correctly working. It might be a long shot, but are you able to change one of the two to see if it makes a difference?

Can you please show me the output configs of working vs non-working as well?


both the steps that are doing the substitutions on these config variables are identical.
these steps+configs are in different project, yes the variables in your working project the exact same

output config

not working

hey Jeremey,
Not sure why but if i use the same key name it works fine.

Hi @paggarwal5154,

To make sure I am following, you are saying if you change the key of PolicyServer to something else it works?


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