Variables not being added to release?

I have 2 variables added to a project (including OctopusPackageDirectoryPath) but no matter what I do they are not getting added to my Releases?

Running Octopus 0.9.620.2 (beta)

Hi Andreas,

the 0.9.620.3 download fixes this


I am using version 0.9.620.4 and variable OctopusPackageDirectoryPath doesn’t seem to included. In the deploy output I can see message: " If you would like the package to be installed to an alternative location, please specify the variable ‘OctopusPackageDirectoryPath’"


Hi Pavel,

Does it work if you create a new release?


Hi Paul,

yes it worked, I just needed to create a new release (for example from 1.6 => 1.7), It seems that during this process the configuration had been copied over to the release and used during deploying of the given release.