Variables defining window size for batch deployments


We have several apps running on the same server roles. All of our apps are setup for rolling deployments. We would like to set the batch sizes in a variable set so that we can reuse the batch sizes in multiple jobs. However, when I setup a variable, and out it in for batch size, it doesn’t seem to work. I can print the variable, so I know its populated correctly, but it is not affecting batch size like it should. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is this just not a supported feature?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out. Seems like you found a nasty bug there. Apparently we are not binding the variable to that field.

I’ve created a github issue to get this fixed right away:

The only workaround would be to manually type the variable at the moment. Remember to put it in the format #{VariableNAme}

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Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for the quick reply! I probably wasn’t very clear in my request. The main issue isn’t that its not showing up in the drop-down list, but its that the value isn’t actually doing anything when set in the Window Size box. Even if I manually type the variable in #{batchSize} doesn’t take affect. When I use a variable for Window Size it just deploys to all servers in parallel.

I should also note that we are currently on the latest 2.6.x version.

I currently have the same issue that we need to have the Windows Size be a variable since we need different window sizes depeding upon what environment we are deploying to.
For example QA we want it set to 2 but in Stage we want it set to 10 and production to 10 etc.

Mike - If you manually put a single number in that field instead of a variable. Does it work?

Please do keep in mind that when we ship a fix for this, It’ll only be available in the latest version of Octopus and not in 2.6.

Jason - Sorry about that. This will be fixed once we tackle this github issue. SAme thing I said to Mike above, keep in mind that the fix will only be available for the latest version of Octopus.

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Thanks I will upgrade to the latest version when it’s released

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HI Jason,

Yes, it works just fine if we just put a static number in. Thanks for the help. We will likely also upgrade once this becomes available.

Hi Mike



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