Variable substitution wildcards (**)

I’m using the “Substitute Variables in Files” feature as part of a nuget package step template and while the documentation does say it supports wildcards such as Directory*.config. I’m wondering how I can use something similar to "**\somefile.config?

The relative path to example file:

What I’m looking for:

Is there a way that I can achieve something similar?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch. The ‘Substitute Variables in Files’ feature supports wildcards but only it’s only at a directory level. So to cover a number of directories you would have to explicitly list them. This is done to protect against against performance issues where some projects/directories trees can contain tens of thousands of files.

That said, if you think this would be a good improvement to Octopus, I’d encourage you to add your votes to the following user voice suggestion as we regularly review ideas from there.

Hope this helps!