Variable substitution not working on Manual Intervention task instructions

I am trying to set up Instructions for a Manual Intervention that includes machine name, a folder path and the name of a command to run. All these are stored in variables.

When I click the icon that lists the variables I select the one that I want and the code is placed in the text box, e.g.

When the task runs it displays {Octopus.Machine.Name} rather than the value.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out. The variable #{Octopus.Machine.Name} will only hold a value when its used in a step that actually runs on a Tentacle. For example If you run your manual intervention step as a child step (see attached screenshot), It’ll be executed once on each machine, and the variable #{Octopus.Machine.Name} will have the machine name on it.

Now, if you run the Manual Intervention as a separate step, It’ll be executed from the Octopus Server and not from a Tentacle so the variable won’t be holding a value. In this case you’ll need to hardcode your Machine name in the description or in a project variable unfortunately.

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Forgot to attach the screenshot!

How do you create a child step?

It’s OK, I found out how it’s done.