Variable Substitution Issue

I am trying to use the new variable substitution features introduced in version 2.5, as listed here: It does not appear to work within the Variables defined within a template.

The simple repro of this is to create a project with a variable that uses one of the substitution features and then reference the variable in a Powershell step. I have attached a set of screenshots that illustrate.

I am running Octopus Deploy

variable-issue.docx (25 KB)

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for finding this! I was able to reproduce it with the latest version also, so I have created a GitHub issue which you can track here:

I’ll update this ticket with what we find.

Hi Joshua,

Currently the extended syntax is supported only in file substitutions and email bodies (there’s a small note in the documentation but it isn’t very prominent, sorry).

We’d love to roll this out across Octopus; it’s been on our radar for a while. I’ve just re-opened the original ticket we had for it at

Thanks for getting in touch!