Variable Substitution expected to be failed but passed as per log

Hi Team,
I have create a variable name VendorId and assigned a value to it.
In substitute variable, I have provide the file in which variable should be substituted and the file as the required syntax #{VendorId }
Substitution working fine while deployment.

Recently due to a manual error, instead of VendorId, in octopus variable name is edited as vendor.

Still the substitution say pass. Please advice.

Can octopus check any in this regards, or we have to take it as manually error to be validated.

Version used:2.6

Hi Santhana,

Octopus doesn’t check anything in this regard. It only replaces the values of matching variables. I’ve created a uservoice sugestion to print a message saying “There’s an Octopus variable called #{VendorID} on the config file, but no matching variable was found on the project to replace its value”



Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for raising user voice.

Can you please explain the difference between OctopusPrintVariables and
OctopusPrintEvaluatedVariables . what is “evaluated” variables means.