Variable Set variables cannot be scoped by tenant tags

In the latest beta, 3.4.3 the scope for each variable in the variable sets used to display tenant tags as an option for scoping. I now do not see the tenant tags in the scope UI when working with variable sets. Is this a bug?


Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this issue to us.

You are correct, this is a bug and I’ve raised this GitHub issue to have it resolved.

Hope that helps!

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How can we use the Tenant Variable in the Project Variable and Is there anyway to include the Tenant Variable within the Project ?

I have a Tenant Varaible “Steam Number” and its value is 1007

I want to use this variable value in the other project variable as below;

e.g User Id = TxnMgmt#{Stream Number}

So I can use this User Id value in the transforms.

Is there any way to achive this.



If I understand you correctly you are trying to create a tenant scoped variable in your project variables page?
This is not something that is supported. At the project level scoping can only apply to tenant tags. What you can do instead is create a project variable set (or library variable set with a variable StreamNumber. This then means that any tenant linked to that project will be required to supply a value for that variable. You can then use #{StreamNumber} in a project variable and this will be replaced at deploy time.
We cover tenant scoped variables in more detail in our docs here.
Let me know if I have misunderstood your requests or you are still having problems.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the reply.

What is the difference between Promote and Deploy ?

Below is my scenario;

We have 3 build plan with different branches on bamboo, and create build
with nuget packages as 1.0.0.xx for Dev, 2.0.0.xx for UAT and 3.0.0.xx for

I have created 3 life cycle in Octopus as below

.1. Dev life cycle -> Dev environment
.2. UAT life cycle -> Dev, UAT environment
.3. Prod life cycle -> Dev, UAT and Prod environment.

I have created 3 channel in the project as below;

.1. Dev Channel has Dev life cycle
.2. UAT Channel has UAT life cycle
.3. Prod Channel has Prod life cycle.

So in this scenario how can I promote Release which has Prod Channel with
build 1.0.0.xx from DEV to UAT and from UAT to Prod with different build
number. ?

Also is it possible that when we promote the release, different channel and
different build number can be assigned ?

Could you please help me on this.

Many Thanks.


Hi Kalps,
The term Promote just refers to deploying to the next, undeployed environment based on the selected lifecycle for that project. You cannot promote releases between channels and once a release is created for a certain channel then it is tied to that channel and its environment lifecycle. You can however create a new release for a different channel using the same packages however any environments that package has been pushed to as part of the other channel will not count towards environment deployments in your second channel’s lifecycle.
We do have some good docs here, outlining branching strategies that you might find handy.