Variable set project usage and Plugins

A couple of suggestions,

One thing I am beginning to run into is that we are using variable sets to hold the vast majority of our database connection strings. The challenge is I have no visibility into what projects are using those. Could a list be added to Octopus similar to how when a step template is updated, a list of projects are shown that use that template. Having something similar for variable sets would be extremely helpful. I’m developing a custom report using the API that i can run before making changes.

A second suggestion is to make plugins available via the API. It would be awesome if we all could develop our own functionality that is capable of being included in Octopus beyond the core functionality. Granted I understand that’s a lot of work but I always seem to find pieces of functionality that would be nice if I could develop myself.


Thanks for reaching out. RE the Variable Set “usage” tab, here’s a uservoice suggestion for something very similar to it that could use some of your votes:

The plugin suggestion does sound interesting. Think you could submit it in more detail in Uservoice?



Sure thing. Thanks DAlmiro