Variable Preview does not display certificate thumbprint

I have a scoped variable (devops.ClientCert) that refers to 3 certificates depending on the environment (dev,QA,Prod).
In another variable I refer to the thumbprint as #{devops.ClientCert.Thumbprint}.

When I select preview under variables, the thumbprint variable contains “#{devops.ClientCert.Thumbprint}”. However the value appears to resolve correctly when it appears in config files.

Hi @heidi.housten,

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This sounds like it is working as intended. The preview isn’t able to dig into a nested variable or access the details of the cert at that point.


Ok, good to know. I was confused when I tested the syntax and thought that it wouldn’t work so I was about to give up on using it but decided to search for examples of using it because I felt it should work.

I haven’t used preview much so haven’t run into that limitation.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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