Variable not transformed in latest version


It seems there is a regression in the last version of Octopus (2018.11.3).

In the first step, we are using a powershell script which create the following variable:

$octopusPackageVersion = $OctopusParameters['Octopus.Action[Deploy App on IIS].Package.NuGetPackageVersion']

Then we use this variable for build and url that we display on output:

Write-Output "http://redacted?packageVersion=$octopusPackageVersion "

The url is now rendered as:


I am currently trying to change the script to directly use the PackageVersion property instead, as they seems to be the same:

$octopusPackageVersion = $OctopusParameters['Octopus.Action[Deploy App].Package.PackageVersion']

edit: that did not work and the variable is still rendered the same way.

When I output all process variables using an enumerator, I get the following output:

OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Number] = 2 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].StepName] = Deploy 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Package[].PackageId] = (redacted) 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Package[].FeedId] = feeds-builtin 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Package[].PackageVersion] = 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Package.PackageVersion] = #{Octopus.Action.Package[].PackageVersion} 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Package.NuGetPackageVersion] = #{Octopus.Action.Package[].PackageVersion} 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].TargetRoles] = (redacted) 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Id] = (redacted) 
OctopusParameters[Octopus.Action[Deploy].Name] = Deploy 

Ok, it works when using Octopus.Action[Deploy].Package[].PackageVersion variable (with [] included).

It seems a recent version broke the .Package.PackageVersion alias.


Sorry you bumped into this problem. We also noticed on Friday.

Here’s the issue relating to it:

The fix rolled out in 2018.12.0 just now. Please let us know if that doesn’t solve your issue.


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