Variable comparison feature


We have same package that needs to be deployed to multiple environments. The common variables are stored in library while environmental specific variables are stored within the project. The challenge is, there are similar libraries but separated by design for different group of users. And it’s even harder to compare variables stored in different projects. When a new variable is introduced in one environment, it could be missing from other environment thru-out the process(more of a human error).

We wise this can be audited and get caught early on. Wondering is there going to be features that can pull all relative variables for an environment (both within the project and from library), and compare to another? Or if there is a better practice/work around?


Hi Kai,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are aware that currently our variable screens are not the best, this is something we are actively working on for the release of Octopus version 3.4 (Multitenancy release).
Your best option would be waiting for the release to see if it helps. If it does not, we will also be reevaluating our variable screens and features, but it would be best to wait and find out.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.