Using zip files as the package?

Perhaps I’m just missing some examples in the docs, or other sections, but I’m trying to set up deployments that are housed from inside zip files. Can anyone point me to some examples or a section of the documentation that goes in depth on this?

Hi Wayne,

It depends exactly on what you are trying to do with your deployment and how you want to do it.

A lot of the time, the best course of action is to:

  1. Deploy and extract the package to the target machine using the deploy a package step:

  2. Manipulate/Execute the package via the Post-Deployment steps.

This is done, by referencing files within the package:

You may want to also reference Feature Ordering to fully understand the deployment process. (

Finally, there are a ton of helpful videos over at the Octopus Deploy channels on Youtube.

If you have some more specific questions, please let me know a little bit more detail about what you are attempting to do and I will try my best to answer.



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