Using variables in target definition

I have a number of Offline File Drop type targets I need to set up. I would like to use a variable to define the fields such as Drop Folder Path so the definition of that can be centralised.

I created a new Library Variable Set called “FileDrop Locations” and added a new variable DropFolderPath. In the scope I added the file drop targets.
In the project, I added “FileDrop Locations” to the Library Sets.
Then, in my Filedrop target, I set the Drop Folder Path variable to #{DropFolderPath}

But when I deploy, I get this error:
The step failed: Activities failed with errors ‘Access to the path ‘#{DropFolderPath}\MBIE-ENV\Bootstrap\\Packages’ is denied.’

What do I need to do to get the variable properly dereferenced? Is variable substitution available for offline machine definitions?

Hi Greg,

I’ve done some testing (and confirmed with the dev team) that this isn’t currently possible as we don’t have any variable evaluation at that point in the deployment process. I can understand how that would indeed be quite useful, so I would recommend logging a UserVoice so that this request can get some community feedback and so it can get in front of the program management team.

Sorry for the bad news on this one,


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