Using variable Package ID and the Automatic Release Creation feature together?

Okay, so I have a package that I want to define via a variable name. This means that in the “Deploy a NuGet Package” process step, the “NuGet Package Id” field is set to “#{PackageId}” (the variable containing the package name is PackageId). Now I have also selected the “Create a release when a package is pushed to the built-in NuGet repository” checkbox and selected the NuGet process step in the dropdown.

What I would expect is for the automated release creation to resolve the variable and create the release just as if it was explicitly defined. What actually happens is that the variable is never resolved and no release can be created either automatically or manually. A manual release can be created if I set one of the variables to have no scope. This seems to allow some variable resolution; however, I am never able to create a release for other values of the PackageId variable. (Example. So if I have Foo.1.5.Debug and Foo.1.5.Release, I can only ever create Foo.1.5.Debug instead of both)

Is this use case missing or am I missing something else? Thanks!

Ack, is there no way to edit a post?

I mistyped before. I have twin packages Foo.Debug and Foo.Release. Only versions of Foo.Debug can be used as long as Foo.Debug is the default value of my PackageId variable, but I want to be able to automatically build both.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately no way for users to edit posts, a bit of a frustration with this otherwise decent support forum.
The current automatic release creation does not allow for packages defined by variables. We have a UserVoice suggestion open so please go and comment and vote