Using SF with SecureAD

Hi, I found in GitHub that SecureAD was added as an option behind the scenes but am struggling to see how I can enable it.

What I’ve tried: In the UI - rather than choose an option from the menu I am choosing bind and tried to supply my own value of SecureAD but get the error:

“Error converting value “SecureAD” to type ‘Octopus.Core.Resources.AzureServiceFabricSecurityMode’. Path ‘SecurityMode’, line 1, position 724. Requested value ‘SecureAD’ was not found.”

I found the new option was added in Calamari with this commit back in April:

Hi Andrew,

I am sorry to misguide you with that commit, I spoke to Mark, and it seems that commit has just sneaked in unintentionally.
We actually do not support SecureAD option.
Currently our officially supported security modes are Client Certificates and Azure AD as mentioned in

If this is something you would like to see supported in a future release please let us know in