Using one server as two different envrionments


I’ve following life-cycle
SIT ->ServerA

  1. now my query is that , can i use server which i’ve already used in UAT for my POSTPRD environment?
  2. do i need to install separate tentacle of i can use existing installed tentacle of server?

Hi @krishnadubey!

Thanks for getting in touch! It is definitely possible to use one server as two different environments - you will just need to add a second tentacle instance on Server B. Keep in mind that a single tentacle software installation can have multiple instances.

To set up a second instance, simply open up Octopus Tentacle Manager on Server B, then click on ADD NEW TENTACLE, and assign it a name, and a unique port to listen on (say 10934).

Once it’s all configured and started, simply add it as a new deployment target on the Octopus server (Infrastructure -> Deployment targets) like normal!

Please let me know how this works out for you!

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