Using Octopus to Deploy DB Applications


I am working with a team that is looking for a tool for continuous integration/automated deployments for both .Net and Database Applications. Is it possible to use Octopus for both kinds of deployment? If so, how? Are there specific tools or plug-ins that I would need to use for the DB apps?



Hi Conor,

Thanks for getting in touch! Please check our documentation on Database deployments and let us know if any of the approaches works for you

The approach we recommend the most if DBUp, which involves creating a Console App to run the scripts. It works really good with Octopus.

If none of these solutions fits your scenario, let us know a bit more about it to see how can we help.




Thank you for your feedback. I am looking to use a solution that would interface TeamCity with Octopus, but I don’t want to leave my Oracle PL/SQL, Unix developers in the dark. Would the DBUp application resolve these concerns?

Thank you,


Hi Conor

I don’t think DBUp has Oracle support built in yet. I understand somebody was working on this, not sure of the status. It wouldn’t be too hard to build that provider for it.