Using Jenkins to Create Auto Release for builts


I was created Channels in Octopus and trying to create release from jenkins and facing the issue.

The problem over here is we are using one pipeline library for all three branches.When ever i built from masters the built is fine and creating release in Octopus, Coming to XXX branches the build is failing and showing the error .

Hi @sonuvojjala

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There are a few possible options for where things may have gone wrong here. The first that comes to mind is that Octopus is looking in the wrong place for the package. I can see from the log snippet that you have sent through that we are looking at the built-in feed for the package, yet I can see that the package appears to be available in Jenkins. Are you able to confirm that the package is getting pushed to Octopus in a step previous to the create release step in Jenkins, and/or update the project in Octopus to look at your Jenkins package feed?

The next option is that we have a mismatch between the package version and our search logic. I can see that as part of this step you have Octopus attempting to determine the correct version. Are you able to set a specific package version and see if this resolves the issue? I would also recommend double-checking your channel package rules at this step.

The final check would be to confirm if creating a release works as expected using the Octopus interface. Are you able to check here and provide screenshots of any errors?

Thanks @sonuvojjala, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this one quickly.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your time let me give a try

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