Using DeploymentStepResource and DeploymentProcessResource

I’m interested to know if the following scenario is possible: Outside of Octopus I’m generating a workflow for deploying a software application in the cloud. Based on the generated workflow, I’d like to automatically create an Octopus Deployment Process using, preferably, the C# Octopus Client (!/Projects/Octopus.Client). This means adding steps to this deployment process which may in large parts be ‘step templates’ from the Octopus Library.

I was expecting to be able to do this by using the DeploymentStepResource (!/Packages/Octopus.Client/Octopus.Client/DeploymentStepResource) and DeploymentProcessResource (!/Packages/Octopus.Client/Octopus.Client/DeploymentProcessResource). Unfortunately the documentation seems to be incomplete so I’m also curious if you can provide me with a code example.

Hi Niels,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. reads through NuGet packages and creates the documentation. It is not something we maintain.
We do have documentation for our API:

Our suggestion to find what you are looking for is to get a tool like fiddler, and trace what it does, as it connects to the API. So you can trace the process and find what you need.

Hope that helps!