Using Artifactory with Octopus Deploy?


I am trying to figure out a way where Octopus Deploy will pick up the nuget packages from Artifactory. Does anyone know if this is possible?


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out. The Octopus model works by downloading packages from nuget feeds. If you can pass Octopus a URL of a Nuget feed, odds are it will work. Artifactory supports Nuget feeds since version 2.5, and we’ve seen users using it. There is nothing special to do on the Octopus side, other than adding the Nuget feed URL to your external feeds. You might need though to do some configurations on the Artifactory side to enable Nuget Feeds (quick google search gave me this )

Hope that helps!



How can i authenticate from Octopus when trying to get packages from an Artifactory Feed? I have setup some permissions for a few types of users in Artifactory and i do not allow anonymous connection to the feed.


Hi Valy,

Thanks for reaching out. When you create/edit an external feed from Library -> External feeds there are Username and Password fields for this.

This screenshot shows the fields for Octopus 2.6, but it also applies for 3.X:

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Actually, i have defined the feed there.
My problem is a bit different. I don’t use this predefined feed, by choosing it from the drop down of the nuget deploy step. Instead, i use a binding like this #{ArtifactoryServer}#{artifactoryFeed}.
I have seen an error in the logs that this feed, which is resolved correctly by the bindings above, as shown in logs, is not present/found. I was thinking that when i use binding like that it does not know how to work with the feed. I tried also to allow anonymous access to the feed and still no luck. Once i removed then binding for the feed and chose one from the drop down(identical URL) it worked.


Your variable binding should resolve to the ID of the Nuget feed you want to use. Something like this:

  1. Lets say I have an Octopus external feed called TestFeed which points to my Artifactory feed. See 1.feed.jpg

  2. The variable value needs to be the feed ID for this to work. In this case the feed ID is feeds-testfeed:

variable name variable value
MyFeed feeds-testfeed
  1. Then on the deploy step, I put the variable as a custom expression on the Nuget feed field. See 2.NugetField.jpg

Let me know how it goes,