Users cant see teams in Process step. All they see is "missing resource"

Our users (with less administrator privileges) can’t see which teams are entered in a process step:

When I view the process step, I can clearly see which Teams are entered.

What kind of permission is needed to see this information?

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Users will require the TeamView permission to be able to view those resources correctly.


Hi, our users are part of a group that has TeamView permission set but when viewing their process steps, they get Missing resource.

Is the Role that provides the TeamView permission scoped to any specific Projects or Projects Groups?

If so, it could be that it is limiting where the TeamView permission can be applied.

The role is set to view everything, everywhere.

Regarding the permissions, only Space Permissions is set to TeamView.
System Permissions is not set.
Is that the one that needs to be set?


Good spot.

It may need to be both of them set to cover the different Team types.
The second and third teams here are System level teams and will become unavailable if I remove the system TeamView permission. The opposite happens if I remove the Space TeamView permission.


Yes, that was it. Our users can now see teams and no longer see Missing resource.
Thank you for your help.


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