Users and Active Directory


In a recent entry on your blog, you mentioned Windows Accounts and the wiki link mentions Active Directory. However, I could not find any instructions in the recent ( OctopusDeploy to set this up. Did this feature make it into the release, or am I just doing it wrong?

Thanks much,


Hi Seth,

That’s right, the feature did make it in:

There’s a section on ‘Choosing an authentication system’. Basically you just have to turn on Windows Authentication in IIS and it will Just Work. Active Directory groups aren’t currently supported however.

If you’ve already created a user account you may need to toggle between them - first switch to Windows and visit the site so that your Windows account is created, then turn Windows Authentication off again so your old admin account can make your new account an administrator, then turn it back on. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense! :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the confusion about where the documentation lives at the moment, I am doing some gardening to clean it up)



Your instructions make perfect sense. I followed them and got everything working as I wanted.

I did notice that I did not have all of your prerequisites enabled on my IIS. If someone is not familiar with IIS managemnt, you need to

  • Go to your Server Manager and expand “Roles” to expose “Web Server (IIS)”
  • Right-click “Web Server (IIS)” node and choose “Add Role Services”
  • Choose the features you list on Prerequisites.
  • Restart the machine (you may be able to activate your changes without a reboot, but I went for the nuclear approach.
  • I then Removed the Octopus Portal site and then re-added it through your Server Tools application.

I could then follow the directions to Choose an authentication system.

Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!