Users access for Octopus Deploy

I’ve further question regarding users access from my previous query Users access issue for Octopus Deploy

I’ve disabled Allow Auto User Creation option in Active Directory under settings so that authenticated users in AD will not be added into Everyone group (this group doesn’t have any role assigned but still we don’t want see unauthorized authenticated users to Octopus application)

Now one of the user was unable to login into Octopus and shows error that user couldn’t find or Allow Auto User Creation was disabled. This user is part of AD group which is used in one of the Teams on Octopus. Other users in same AD group are able to access the Octopus without any issue.

Later, we realized that this user was trying access Octopus first time and remaining users were already using Octopus before I disable Allow Auto User Creation option. It look like Allow Auto User Creation has to be enable for first time users but this allows any authentication users in AD will be added into Everyone group which we don’t want to see that. do you see any options or solution to avoid this scenario ?