Username Variable?

I’ve added a step to my deployment to send an email to make a select group of people aware that a deployment is taking place. The step works as expected. However, I’ve been asked to include the user who kicked off the deployment. I’ve searched through the list of variables and haven’t been able to find anything I could use. Is there a “user” variable that I’m missing?

Hi Troy,

Currently there’s no variable available to get this currently, we’ll add it in a future release.


I second this, want to report (in email) who has created instigated the release.

+1 for this - it would be super handy! :slight_smile:

Was the UserName of the person deploying a release added as an Octopus Variable yet?

Agree, this would be very useful. I’d like to target the email at the user who kicked off the deployment rather than a group.

Has this been added by any chance?
Thank you,

Yes, in Octopus 2.0 this is Octopus.Deployment.CreatedBy.Username and matching variables for Id, DisplayName and EmailAddress.

Hope this helps,

Ok great, thanks.