User unable to see / create Variables for authorized projects / environments

I have a development user who needs access to be able to create and view all the variables for the allowed environments and projects.
Is there a way to enable this.

Also, for those environments (ex: STAGING, PROD) they will only be granted read-only (project viewer) so when it is being deployed, they can view the environments but not modify it once it crosses the STAGING or the PRODUCTION lifecycle.


Thanks for getting in touch! Our permissions can be made very granular with the use of multiple teams that a single user can belong to. Adding a user to create and view variables for specific projects and environments is there. The following doc page gives information about the basics to getting started:

I am a little confused about your second question. Viewing and modifying environments doesn’t really have anything to do with lifecycles, or what stage a deployment is in. Could you try to explain in more detail what you require, maybe with an example?