User Permissions (view only)

I’m attempting to setup a “team” in Octopus so that our QA team can view their environment and see what is deployed. I have 95% of it working. The last piece ( Role) I’m trying to find is the ability from the release page, to see the packages associated to that release. I want them to be able to see the nuget package info so they can see our release notes. I have included a screen shot of exactly what I’m after.

In order to test what I’ve been doing I’ve been using the “Test Permissions” feature (BTW great tool). The team I have setup has only one custom role, so there is no possibility of getting the roles confused. I have given the custom role the “Lifecycleview” and “ProjectGroupView” built-in role. The Test Permissions page doesn’t include this built in role for the user. Not sure if it is a bug or apart of my problem from above. I have included

I love the product and everyday I’m amazed at what I can use it for. It’s a great replacement for Puppet and/or Chef.

So I just figured out which roles I need to accomplish my goal. I needed to give ArtifactView, DeploymentView, EnvironmentView, EventView, FeedView, LifeCycleView, ProjectGroupView, ProjectView, ProcessView, ReleaseView, TaskView. This does give QA access to Process for the project. Which I don’t want so I removed LibraryVariableView, so if they try to view the process for a project, they get an error on that page. So not pretty but effective.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for getting in touch! You require the ProcessView permission as we need to define channels via the drop down and they are part of the process. I can’t see a better way to do this without throwing the error.
We might be able to restructure the pages to hide the parts that need the processview permissions but we would need to get a sense of how often this would actually be a problem (this is the first report of this scenario).

As for when you say the Test Permissions page doesn’t include them, if you can see them listed they are included, they just can’t be scoped to projects or environments. So if it is blank but you can see the name, they have the permission just unscoped.

I shared your awesome feedback with the team! Thanks for the kind words.