User passwords do not work after migration

Hi guys,
Yesterday I was doing migration from Octopus 2.6.3 to 3.1.4. The 3.1 was installed on the new machine. Just after the migration nobody from existing users was able to login using their credentials. It looks like all passwords become invalid at some point.

There was another option - login as “domain user”, that worked fine but just after the successful login I was not able to see anything due to restricted permissions, the same for guest.

The only solution which allowed me was the database hack. I went to the Octopus database and changed the permissions for new “domain user” in order to get admin rights. After that I did login successfully and was able to see my projects and other stuff.

Could you please have a look at user passwords - I guess there is a bug related to migration to different server and/or version of Octopus.

Thanks in advance

Hi Anton,

I’m not sure what has happened here. It sounds like an issue with the master-key. Octopus encrypts sensitive data (including user passwords) using a master key stored in the config file of the Octopus server. It sounds like your data was possibly encrypted using one key, and the attempted decryption is happening with another.

Did you by any chance run the import on a different machine to that which your 3.1 instance is currently running on?