Use part of versionnumber as an IIS binding

Our TeamCity creates nuget packages of all our branches using NuGet versioning syntax.

Octopus uses the nuget-version as the release version. I created a channel for deploying feature branches and i want to use the branchname part of the release-version as the hostname for the IIS binding.


Nuget-package name:

IIS hostname:

Is is possible in any way?


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We expose the channel name in the #{Octopus.Release.Channel.Name} variable and you can use this to populate the hostname in your IIS binding.

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Hey Henrik

Thanks for your reply. Its not the Channelname, but the releasenumber i need, so i think i should use Octopus.Release.Number. But only a part of the versionnumber.

If the versionnumber is 1.0.125-fasterbackend how to get only the last part? Is i possible to use some kind of Regex on the variable?


Ah, sorry, I misread your initial post as you had a channel per feature branch, but that’s not the case.

You could use a regex to get the feature branch name, something like the below:

$version = "1.0.125-fasterbackend"
$version -match "\d.*-(.*)"
$matches[1]  # should contain 'fasterbackend'

But you wouldn’t be able to use this as part of the variable replacement we do on so you would have to configure the IIS hostname in a post-deploy script, which makes it a bit more complex.

I hope that helps!

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