Use PackageID Drop Down in Custom Step Template

I want to create a custom step template based on Deploy to IIS. I have several web applications to deploy which share the same settings except the PackageID is different. I’d like to prompt for the package id using the drop down that I get when using Deploy to IIS, but I can’t see how to do that in my custom template. Is it possible?

Unfortunately currently using step templates when defining a package, you need to provide the package details in the template itself. The current work around that users take, is to bind the FeedId and PackageId in the template to step parameters and supply them in the consuming projects. It is far from ideal and we actually have an open issue discussing a new potential solution. If you think this ( approach would would it would be great to get your comments on this issue.
I hope the response helps, even if it doesn’t provide the perfect solution.

Yes Rob, That’s exactly the feature that I’m looking for. I went ahead and used variables for now.

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