Use chocolatey to install Octopus server

I had the misfortune last week of having to set up a new build server because our existing VM got clobbered. In setting up, I took the time to investigate chocolatey with the goal of having a “recipe” for setting up a build server. Being able to type:


is hugely powerful.

Could I suggest that the Octopus MSI be wrapped in a chocolatey nuget package and made available via packages? It seems like a relatively simple process:

Having Octopus available via this method would be less manual step in setting up an environment…

In fact, it would be great if the tentacle installer was also available via chocolatey as one would want to setup app servers that require the tentacle more than the actual server

Hi Peter,

That’s a good suggestion (and glad you got your server up and running). I’ll look into doing it in the next release.