Use Accounts per Deployment target (windows)

I would like to use the Accounts (username/password) feature but this is only for SSH machines, is that right?

I have Windows machines as deployment targets, and each machine has a different windows user account. I need this because I want to change Tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler. I also want this account for IIS AppPool identity (can also differ per machine).

So now I have these credentials stored in my scoped variables, but it would be a lot nicer I could store these credentials under Accounts.

In my opinion this is not possible right now:

  1. I cannot use them in my Powershell scripts?
  2. I cannot store them per deployment target?

Is this a valid request? What are the alternatives?

Hi @GerjanOnline,

Thanks for getting in touch! As you have noted, we do not currently have the ability to use the Username/Password account for PowerShell credentials. Our current suggested method for achieving this is to save them as scoped variables as you are currently doing.

We have had this requested on several occasions. I’m going to start a discussion internally and see what comes of it. It seems logical to allow the use of the account feature this way but there may be some previously discussed reasoning behind why it is not a feature.

In the mean time, the method you are currently using is the way to go.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts or questions here.

Best regards,

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