Usage of Global Variable Sets

Is there a way of seeing every project that is using a global variable set?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out. Its not possible through the Web UI, but you could get it from the API. This should help you as a starting point:

  1. Get all projects from /api/projects/all. You’ll notice that each project has a property called “IncludedLibraryVariableSetIds” that will contain all the gobal variable sets (Library Variable Sets) in use.

  2. Get all the variable sets from /api/libraryvariablesets?contenttype=Variables.

  3. Cross-reference the IDs of the variable sets of each project from (1) with the IDs of the sets in (2).

Hope that helps!

Any plans to put this into the interface?

Hi Adam,

Not at the moment, but I can totally see it happening if enough users voted for it. Would you mind submitting it in Uservoice?