Urgent Help Needed!

Trying to deploy and part of this deployment tries to stop a service. We’ve been having a problem with that so I remote into the servers and manually stop it while OD is watching. However, I cancelled the deployment while it was watching (needed to do another build and thought cancelling would be fastest). Turns out there is a bug with cancelling during a step like this where it is waiting on something. Per this link: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/349

Without knowing this at the time, I started another deployment and it’s just “queued…” waiting on the other one to cancel. How can it make this move forward?

Thank you,
JC Moore


“Changing the ServerTasks documents in the Raven DB to Failed instead of Cancelled seems to have made the problem go away.”

Thanks. I’m sure that would have done it, but i was able to manually intervene with the services it was monitoring to make it proceed with the cancellation.