Upgrading to 3.5.3 is failing to service


I just upgraded from 3.4.11 to 3.5.3 and now the octopus service won’t seem to start. It gives me the error:

Executing SQL Server script 'Octopus.Core.UpgradeScripts.Script0069 - Add new event indexes.sql’
SQL exception has occured in script: 'Octopus.Core.UpgradeScripts.Script0069 - Add new event indexes.sql’
Script block number: 0; Block line 1; Message:
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot drop the index ‘dbo.Event.IX_Event_CategoryOccurred’, because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

The index actually exists, so it seems to be a permission problem. However the system account the service is using has full access to that database. To make sure I changed it a custom sql user and gave that user all rights, but still the same error.

I’m about to revert my installation, but can this be confirmed as a bug or can I get a solution for the next time I’m going to upgrade?

Best regards,


Hi Maarten,

Very sorry about this, it’s indeed a bug. We’ll pulled the release for now until we find a fix. You should be able to upgrade to 3.5.2 without an issue - the bug was introduced in 3.5.3.

Thanks very much for letting us know about this so soon, and sorry again for how much time you wasted on it!


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information. It can happen :slight_smile: Luckily we were able to revert quit quickly.


Hi Maarten,

We have just released 3.5.4 which is basically 3.5.3 but without the broken upgrade experience.